As you already know creating quiz, polls and survey with QuizStudio is very easy and simple.

You can start creating Quiz, Poll or Survey just by choosing any DFY template among 200 DFY templates, we have tried to cover most of the niches to save your precious time.

You can also create Quiz, Poll or Survey from scratch by just clicking on "Create Project" button from dashboard.

To save time you can watch this demo for a brief idea

To create a quiz you have to choose either from DFY templates or have to create project from scratch. From scratch you have to add questions and answer by yourself and to save the time we have already done it in DFY templates.

Just choose a quiz template from dashboard, hover on it and you will see 2 options i.e "Preview" and "Use Now"

You can preview the template and check the content of the quiz, poll or survey. By clicking on "USE NOW" you will be redirected to quiz editor to edit the content of the template.

Welcome Page -

This the page where you will find or enter (in case of new project) Project title, Description, CTA Button Text and Icon

Adding Questions -

It is a very simple and as you enter questions and answers you can see live results in right hand side, this is a real-time editor where you can see your quiz, poll and survey getting build.

  1. Enter project Title
  2. Choose Project Start and End Date if you want to run it on specific dates otherwise leave it empty.
  3. Enter the redirect URL (redirect URL is where you want to send your visitor after completing the quiz, poll or survey)

Below this, you will find already built questions and answers. In case if you are creating from scratch just click on "START MAKING QUESTIONS" button.

After that, Step 1 will get added and now you can click on New Question to add a new question, if you are editing a template the step number will be different.

  1. Just enter your question and can also add brief description of the question to make it more easy for your audience to understand.
  2. If you want your audience to answer this question and cannot skip it then allow the option - Required question to answer
  3. Now to add answers click on Add New.
  4. Now you write your answer in the given field and can also upload image related to your answers, you can add multiple answers by clicking on "Add New" button above.
  5. You can assign different results to your different answers (by creating different results in result page) and if the answers having same assigned result, will get chosen by the quiz taker then the same result will get displayed at the end of the quiz.

  6. If you click again on New Question the new question will get added in same step and in that case the question will appear on same page. If you want to display on next page then click on ADD NEW STEP button.
  7. If you want to delete Step then click on delete above and if you want to delete question or answer than you have delete option on hover

In same way you can add multiple questions and answers and to save just click on "Save The Project button".

Results -

Here you can add multiple results and their images too. To add more results click on add New Result button. As explained earlier you can assign these multiple results to multiple option in quizzes.

Lead Form -

Here is the form to grab leads and sent it your integrated autoresponders. Enable it to grab leads and if you want to grab only email of the quiz taker than do not enable the second option which is - "Capture Lead name" and if you want both name and email than do enable it as well.

Below you can enter Form Title and description to compel quiz taker to gives his/her email to you.

Result Page -

It is the page where your result get displayed you can write result page Title and description such as - "Your Results Are Out Now" and "Here is your result'.

You can enter the button text and icon as well.

Design -

On design page you can customize the look and feel of your quiz poll and survey appearance in many ways. You can upload your project thumbnail and background image as well and many more such as button shadow, progress bar color, button color you can even upload your own logo according to your package.

Tracking -

With QuizStudio you can create custom audience groups of such visitors inside Facebook and Google and re-target them with personalized offers. Visit here to see more

Creating Poll

Creating poll is same as quiz, there is no such difference, here you don't have to provide results as software will automatically calculates the percentage of response.