Creating video quizzes in QuizStudio is very easy and simple. Just follow the below steps...

Step 1 - Go to Video Projects from dashboard and click on "Create Video" Button.

Step 2 - A pop up will open and you can start entering the details such as-

1. Enter Video Title
2. Choose Video Source such as - CDN, Vimeo, YouTube or Upload your own video.
3. Now, enter the number of seconds after which you want to show your quiz, poll or survey to visitors on your video.
4. Choose projects which you have already created and want to use on video.
5. Now upload the thumbnail of the video if you have any.
6. Customize the color of the video play button.
7. Now you can publish the video

To edit the video quiz you can visit the video project page. You can also send video via mail or can also detailed statistics  and many more from same page.